January 2015

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Happy New Year!

Another year has passed. The world has seen good times and bad… hopefully more of the good! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas with family and friends. The past few months have been busy times for all. Now it’s time to get back to our day to day lives.

As a new year begins, we’d like to take a look back at Danville Care Center’s 2014. We’d also like to announce the Newsletter will become a bi-monthly publication… every other month. We’d like to thank everyone for all you’ve done to help make 2014 a successful year at Danville Care Center and look forward to seeing all of you in 2015.

So let’s take a look back at some of the fun we’ve had this past year. Stay tuned. There’s more activities, outings and fun for all in 2015! Reminyl delivery

In the Spotlight!

A couple of months ago, I met these special ladies and would like to share their stories with or readers.

Susan and Barb Rhum are mother and daughter who have been with us for almost a year now. They came to Danville Care Center from West Burlington. In addition to her daughter Barb, Susan also has a son in Keokuk as well ad identical twin sons, 1 granddaughter, 4 step grandchildren and 2 step great-grandchildren!

After finishing high school, Susan got her 2 year degree at SCC. She later worked at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant for 30 years where she served as a Union Steward. In that capacity, she attended the 1980 Democratic National Convention and was interviewed by ABC News. She also met some of the Kennedy family. She remembers Maria Schriver as being a “very sweetAi??person”. When her job ended with IAAP, Susan worked serving school lunches for elementary students.

These days Susan spends time making her own crochet patterns to create beautiful Afghans. On a Saturday you may find her listening to Gospel music and watching the Lawrence Welk show.

Barb has lived in the Burlington area all her life. She worked at Perkins for more thanAi??30 years as a baker and dishwasher. She enjoyed her time there and liked her bosses and meeting with customers. She is an avid wrestling fan, withAi??John Cena being her favorite. She also enjoys spending time playing solitaire and games on her iPad.

Both ladies loved the visits from this year’s Trick-or-Treaters and enjoy doing crafts with the activity department. They also like playingAi??Bingo for Bucks, (play money), where they may use their dollars to win auction items. A bottle of shampoo can go for $20,000! They are looking forward to the upcoming Holiday Season and the visits and entertainment provided by the local schools, choirs and other groups.

Holiday Open House

The Christmas Season / Holiday Open House was a huge success! Family and friends of Danville Care Center’s residents spent time reminiscing, visiting and snacking on goodies.

The Year in Review

Veteran’s Day Observed.

Danville Care Center proudly recognized our resident Veterans with a ceremony complete with Certificates of Appreciation and a speech given by Commander Sergeant Major John S. Gittings of Burlington.

Certificates were given to Thomas Lindhoff, Harold Luecking, Stoney Jackson and Kenny Waring.

To all military men and women — past, present and future — Thank you for your service!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Danville Care Center hosted Thanksgiving Dinner for residents, their families and friends. It was a great day for a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner to give thanks and spend time with loved ones.

Trick or Treat

In October we brought Halloween fun back to Danville Care Center after being gone for years! The Trick-or-Treaters were given over 2000 pieces of candy and other items! After a scary visit through the Haunted House, visitors enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and cookies with residents and staff. We look forward to 2015 as we anticipate double the number of kids and fun!

Founders Day 2014

We were well represented in Danville’s Founders Day Celebration Parade by Joan and residents riding in a beautiful classic car. Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to next year’s event.

New Vans

Two vans were purchased for the convenience of residents.

Redecorating Fun

2014 was also the time for some redecorating. Many common areas of the center were adorned withAi??vibrant, cheerful new colors. Antiques were also placed around the facility… hopefully sparking someAi??fond memories and stories.

Senior Day Pancake Breakfast

Danville Care Center hosted a Pancake Breakfast at Mt. Pleasant in the Hy-Vee dining room. There was an excellent turn-out for the Senior Day event as Joan was there giving away pancakes to all comers. Did you stop and get your free pancake?

Fish Fry

The September Fish Fry was a GREAT success. Thanks to all who came and aAi??Special Thanks to those who helped in the preparation.

October 2014

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In the Spotlight

Karen OrtonWe would like to CONGRATULATE KAREN ORTON for 35 YEARS of service. Karen works in the laundry department. Her anniversary was celebrated with a party, balloons, a gift card, and lunch. Karen says, ai???I take pride in seeing the residentai??i??s clothes get returned to them.ai??? The laundry department in a care center is vital. In addition to residentai??i??s laundry, they have to wash all bedding, kitchen, and dining room items.

washerINTERESTING FACTSai??i??First scrub board was in 1797. In 1851, the first drum machine was AMERICAN invented and was hand powered. The first ELECTRIC POWERED machine was built in 1908. Old washing machines came in PINK, BROWN, RED, BLUE to name a few. We took away Karenai??i??s washboard recently and made her use the brand new high tech industrial machine we just purchased.

Karen and her husband Frank have been married for 52 YEARS. They have lived in Danville for 40 years. They have 3 children and 12 grandchildren. Karen rides her bike to work. Sometimes Toto from the Wizard of Oz may be seen in the bikeai??i??s basket. The President of the company jumped on Karenai??i??s bike one day and took a spin.


Never Forgotten


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. We have made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go.

We have all been touched by this or another form of cancer in our lives. Whether we ourselves are a survivor or we have watched family members, friends and co-workers battle this disease, we know of the devastating effects cancer and itai??i??s treatments can have.

Early detection is key to survival. Create an Early Detection Plan with family and friends and encourage other to do the same.

Trick or Treat

Danville Care Center was visited by more than 400 Trick or Treaters on Beggars Night. There was also a Haunted House where hot chocolate and cookies were served.

If youai??i??ve seen a Teal Pumpkin decorating a home, they are showing awareness of food allergies. Toys, pens, stickers, finger puppets, vampire fangs, spider rings, and whistles are among the items suggested by Food Allergy Research & Education as ai???treatsai???.

Letai??i??s all have a FUN and SAFE Halloween!


October 28, 2014: Ai??Danville Care Center hosted a Pancake Breakfast at Mt. Pleasant in the Hy-Vee dining room. There was an excellent turn out for the Senior Day event as Joan was there giving away pancakes to all comers. Did you stop and get your free pancake?

From the Activity Department

Maria KaplarMaria Kaplar comes to Danville Care Center with a vast amount of experience as a previous Assistant Activity Director from Lewis County Nursing Home where she worked for 8 years. She has 25 years of experience in Activities. She is very excited to join our team and meet with all the residents and staff at the Danville Care Center.

Maria, along with her husband Robert, are both artists who studied at the University of Iowa. Robert is currently a professor at Southeastern Community College teaching Design and Art History. Through their love of art, they’ve traveled throughout Europe visiting many historical museums.

Maria is a WORLD TRAVELER and has been to London England, Paris France, Madrid and Barcelona Spain, Nelahozeves and Prague in the Czech Republic, Bastogne and Brussels in Belgium and also Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

In Mariaai??i??s spare time, she enjoys reading, painting, and watching the History Channel. She also enjoys listening to the residentsai??i?? life stories as many of them have been through historical moments throughout the 20th Century. Making a difference in their daily

lives is where she finds her most rewarding mornings.
Stop in sometime and meet our new Activity Director ai??i??she loves to meet with Families.

From the Nursing Department

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT ONE OF OUR NURSES, LINDA HAMPTON from Burlington IA, WILL BE CELEBRATING HER 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY IN 2015. Look for some special write-ups in the near future about Linda.


  • The demand for nurses is expected to rise 35% in the 21st century.
  • Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the US.
  • The New England Hospital for Women and Children, established in 1862, was the first school for nursing in the US.
  • 45% of nurses expressed fear of getting a potentially deadly disease.
  • According to a recent World Health Organization report, the UNITED STATES spends more money, as a ratio of GNP, on health care than any country, followed closely by Lebanon and Zimbabwe.


Registered Nurses at Danville Care Center:

  • We develop patient treatment plans to help ensure that every patientai??i??s individual medical needs are met. We administer medications and give injections.
  • We pay close attention to health conditions in order to see whether treatments are working or not.
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  • We supervise LPNai??i??s and C N Aai??i??s.
  • We are responsible for a great deal of paperwork. We must record the patientai??i??s detailed medical information of the direct care we give such as taking vital signs, IV Therapy, Wound Care, and Tracheostomy Care.
  • Job duties are not limited to the patient. We also offer support to family members and close friends of the patient.