August 2014

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Welcome to the first edition of The Danville Care Center newsletter. As you can see, we have no title for it and would like your help in naming it. Hereai??i??s how this is going to work:

Staff can submit entries to Joan by 9/1/14. Three titles will be chosen to be voted upon by the Danville Care Center residents. You may enter as many times as you like, but on separate papers. The winner will receive a $10.00 Walmart gift card! Good luck all!

One purpose of the newsletter is to provide residents, staff, resident families and the community information about whatai??i??s going on at Danville Care Center. The newsletter will be published monthly and be made available to Danville Care Center residents and staff. A copy will also be mailed to families and community members so they can keep up with whatai??i??s going on. We plan to post a notice of upcoming events so family members may attend. We would also like to showcase some of the activities and outings residents take part in each month.

We hope youai??i??ll enjoy our little publication. All staff members and residents are encouraged to contribute stories, tips, recipes or anything youai??i??d like to share. If you don’t see your submission in the next issue, we might be saving it for another time. Stay tuned!

Around Town

Danville Museum

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While in Danville, stop by and visit the Danville Museum. An Anne Frank exhibit is currently being showcased. The museum is located at 101 West Albright Avenue, just north of the City Park and Danville Community Building.

In the Spotlight!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Justin Leffler, and I am pleased to announce that I am the new administrator at the Danville Care Center. The summer seems to be going by fast and we have a great family and community event planned for September 13th. I hope to see many families attend.

So now a little about myself. I was born and raised in Iowa. I attended Mediapolis High School where I participated in many extra curriculum sports such as golf, football, wrestling, baseball and FFA. After I graduated, I joined the National Guardai??i??s 134th Medical Company out of Washington, Iowa. After my military stint, I went back to school at Southeastern Community College where I obtained my AA degree. I then transferred to Western Illinois University where obtained my B.S in Health Service Management. Following my graduation, I got hired to work for the Iowa City Veterans Hospital.

In June I was offered the position as the Administrator, I took it with open arms. The position would allow me to move back closer to my family and do a job that I am very passionate about. I look forward to providing the residents with the exceptional care and as many of the comforts of home that we can. I also look forward to assisting all families with any questions or concerns that they may have.


September 13th:Ai??Fish fry at noon. Seth Allen 12:30-2:30 pm (Local Country Music Entertainer).

Come join us!

Whatai??i??s New?

Stop in and see the redecorating weai??i??re doing. Weai??i??ve been busy painting and bringing in some antique furniture to emphasize the cozy feeling of home for our residents and families. We hope you like what weai??i??ve done so far. As with most remodeling effortsai??i??itai??i??s a work in progress.

Beep Beep!

Danville Care Center is in the process of purchasing a van. This will be a great addition to the services we provide our residents. The van will benefit residents, employees and the facility as a whole.

The van will be used to transport residents to and from appointments and provide transportation home from a hospital stay. We will also be able to provide new residents with transportation to our facility. The van will give us more mobility to take residents shopping or to other community events. As we approach fall, a country ride to see the trees as they change into their vibrant colors could be planned.

Weai??i??re excited about this addition to our home as we believe it will have a great impact in our day to day lives at the care center.

Notes From Nursing

As we send our children back to school, here are a few tips to help keep them healthy.

  • Make sure your shots are up to date. Does your family get a yearly flu shot?
  • Get a physical. This is usually required to participate in sports.
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after visiting the restroom and before and after meals.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

We hope everybody is looking forward to an exciting new school year. Letai??i??s not hamper the excitement with a cold and/ or the flu!


Weai??i??re excited to announce the Therapy department recently got a new exercise bike. The new bike is a welcome addition to our facility and will be a great aid in helping residents get back on their feet and to provide exercise.

Did You Know…

  • Toothpaste will take scratches out of your car
  • Coke can be used to clean tools and other sticky surfaces
  • Use cupcake liners as Popsicle drip catchers
  • Store spaghetti/pasta in a Pringles can
  • Save your fingers and use a comb to hold a nail in place
  • Use beeswax to waterproof

Whatai??i??s Cookinai??i???

We all need a balanced diet to keep our bodies in check and for overall good health! Getting food from themajor food groups is important, not only to keep healthy inside but outside as well.

We hope to share recipes from residents, staff and family members in future editions of the newsletter. Our Dietary department might want to include some tips from time to time.

Please keep in mind if family members or visitors want to share a treat with a resident, itai??i??s not a bad idea to check to see if itai??i??s something the resident can eat. Some folks are on restricted diets and need to avoid sugar, fats or things that may be difficult to swallow. Better to be safe than sorry!

This article was posted in Newsletter on August 1, 2014.