September 2014

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Marc JohnsonIn the Spotlight!

This month, we are showcasing Marc Johnson, President and owner of Cardinal Care Corp. Cardinal took over operations of Danville Care Center on October 1st, 2013. Marc grew up in the Basco/Hamilton, IL area and has 7 brothers. Marc has worked over 20 years in Iowa. Marc is motivated from an internal drive for achievement that started as young child while watching his hard working parents. Growing up with 7 brothers, he and his family planted a huge vegetable garden that helped feed family and friends. They sold their best crop of tomatoes to stores and restaurants in Illinois and Iowa. He has always aspired to achieve the highest level of responsibility in life, for one reason, supporting others.

Marc graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration from Quincy University. As the owner of Cardinal Care Corp, Marc is committed to the financial and overall success of the Danville Care Center. He supports the well-being and growth of employees. He explains, ai???I am very loyal and dedicated to my company. I am proud that my skills impact every area of our company. I am proud and humbled that I can take care of people with healthcare

The day to day business of running a care facility keeps Marc very busy, but he also finds time to give back to his community. He is proud and honored to be a member of Keokuk Rotary. He is the Treasurer of Godai??i??s Way Homeless Shelter and Greater Keokuk Young Professionals. He is on the SPRC board and member of Trinity Methodist Church in Keokuk. In his off time, you might find him working on his extensive landscaping at home, enjoying time with friends or taking a trip to a ball game. Whatever heai??i??s doing, heai??i??ll always greet you with a smile and take time to chat. Marc says, ai???I love Danville, stop in and see me or the facility anytime. Anyone is

Beep Beep – Part 2!

Beep, beep!Danville Care Center is excited to announce the purchase of 2 vans. One van is capable of transporting 3 wheelchairs while the other can seat 6-8 people. The vans will be used to transport residents to and from appointments and provide transportation home from a hospital stay. We will also be able to provide new residents with transportation to our facility 24/7.

Weai??i??re excited about this addition to our home as we believe it will have a great impact in our day to day lives at the care center. Be watching for us to visit your community for shopping or just a day out for a ride.


September is National Milkshake Month ..YUM

Social Hour From 3 to 4 on Fridays Come join us!

The September 13th Fish Fry was a HUGE success. Thanks to all who came and a Special Thanks to those who helped in the preparation. Hope to see you at future events!

Danville Founders Day 2014

Danville Founders DayDanville, Iowa, was founded in 1854 and recently held a celebration, including a parade, commemorating the occasion. Danville Care Center was represented in the parade with residents riding in a beautiful classic car. Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to next yearai??i??s event.

From the Activities Department

The importance of engaging residents and enriching the lives of residents in a nursing facility is very important. Our flavorful and fun Joan Wegener, Office Manager stepped in during August to do activities. Joan explains where she got her ideas. ai???I remember driving butter cowdown two lane roads in a non-air conditioned car, something my father called a vacation. We were headed to the IOWA STATE FAIR. It meant setting up an old army tent, jamming six kids and 2 adults in a space that was travelling on the most bumpy and hard ground ever known to man. We were hoping to see the BIGGEST PIG, COW, RABBIT ever known to man. Of course, the heat always played a factor, and as a child, I only remember a doctorai??i??s office having air

Remember the BUTTER COW at the fair? At Danville Care Center, the residents made a BUTTER WORM. We ended the fair week with a YODELING and CHICKEN calling contest.

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Weai??i??ve started a social hour from 3 to 4 on Fridays where residents can have wine of their choice.


Updating the Decor

Weai??i??ve been busy the past few weeks making some upgrades to the facility. Itai??i??s our intention to give Danville Care Center the same coziness and warmth experienced at home.

Updating the DecorSo far, the front lobby was painted a beautiful burgundy wine color and decorated with items to create a musical theme. Itai??i??s the perfect area for a sing-a- long by the piano as well as providing space for worship services. The dining

room was painted an orange-red color. Ideas for the color were taken from a picture of Jesus on the wall. The back lobby and nurse station got a soothing crisp blue treatment. Old tools hang on one wall and old nursing items on another. Bathrooms were also given a new look with a very sunny yellow in one bathroom and an olive green in the other. Many antiques were added throughout the building and lush floral arrangements now adorn many areas.

On the practical side, 40 new LED light fixtures have been installed and new oak vinyl kick plates for all doors are ready for installation. We have also purchased an industrial sized washing machineai??i??No More Washboards! Our hallways will be decorated in the near future. Watch for more changes. Itai??i??s still a work in progress!

Whatai??i??s Cookinai??i???

Itai??i??s time to preserve some of the summerai??i??s bounty for use all year round. Here are a few canning tips and websites for more information.

  • If you have hard water, try adding 1/2-1 cup of vinegar to your boiling water bath. This will keep that filmy residue from forming on your jars.
  • If thereai??i??s extra space in your canner, fill it with jars of water. You can add these jars of canned water to your emergency food storage as an instant and safe drinking source.

In-depth, step-by-step directions can be found from the following websites:

Happy Canning!

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